sikhi for dummies
1.) What is Sikhism?
2.) What do sikhs believe?
3.) Gurus and the holy book.
4.) What are five virtues and five evils?
5.) Sikhs look different,why so & what is Khalsa?
6.) What is Sikh temple or Gurdwara?
7.) How to convert to Sikhi? / Why should someone be a Sikh?
8.) Sikh view on other religion / are all religions equal?
9.) Is Sikhi a scientific religion?
10.) Were sikhs created to fight mughals/muslims?
11.) Message of Guru Nanak was different from Guru Gobind Singh.
12.) Sikhs should hate or oppose muslims because their Gurus were killed by them.
13.) Gurus died for hindus and country / Sikhs protected hindus.
14.) Sikhi is mix of islam and hinduism.
15.) Are sikhs or their Gurus hindus or muslims?
16.) Did sikhs copied one God idea from Semitic religions or Vedic Dharm?
17.) Sikhs came out of hindus / Gurus were from hindu family / Sikhi is a sect of hinduism.
18.) Gurus using the names of hindu gods.
19.) Praises of hindu gods / Maru Mahalla 5.
20.) So what is the position of hindu gods in SGGS?
21.) Did Gurus copied other holy books?
22.) Gurus were from same caste, gender & family / Gurus promote nepotism.
23.) Sikhs don't believe in idols but bow to Guru Granth Sahib.
24.) Why weapons of Gurus contains images of hindu gods?
25.) Guru Gobind Singh worshipped goddess/ naina devi/ shiva or others.
26.) Is gurbani word of God?
27.) Debunking Contradictions in SGGS.
28.) Debunking Punit Sahani.
29.) Did Guru Nanak turned mecca?
30.) Is Sikhi part of any Hindu philosophy?
31.) Is Sikhi part of Vedanta?
32.) Debunking claims of Dayanand Saraswati.
33.) Sikhs praising their own service.
34.) Islam & Guru Granth Sahib.
35.) Guru Nanak at Jagannath Temple / Aarti in Sikhi.
36.) Guru Nanak was against renunciation but left his family for 20+ years.
37.) Who is Satguru or Guru / Are Gurus God?
38.) Gurus having multiple wives.
39.) Debunking Mughal apologists.
40.) Why Sikh Gurus are Gurus and not Bhagats?
41.) Scientific Questions against Sikhi.
42.) If your God is everywhere, he is also in toilet.
43.) Why is there only One God?
44.) Critique of Idol Worship in Sikh Philosophy.
45.) Definition of Vaheguru word.