sikhi for dummies

6.) What is Sikh temple or Gurdwara?

Gurdwara means Gate of Guru. A place is a Gurdwara after a copy of SGGS is installed there with proper etiquette such as cleaned place, no idols, Sikh flag 'Nishan Sahib', etc. People gather here to read and understand Gurbani, serving the gurudwara, feed and eat langar which is free food for any human without any discrimination, everyone eats together sitting on the ground in a row. Food is mostly lacto-vegetarian. Basic Gurdwara etiquette includes: 1.) Covering one's head. 2.) Modest dressing. 3.) Taking shoes off, placing them in dedicated area then washing hands and feet. 4.) No drugs, alcohol or tobacco are allowed. 5.) Sitting quietly.