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39.) Debunking Mughal apologists.

Mughal apologists have a habit of lying & they have done the same thing to Guru Teg Bahadur. Guru gave his life for the Freedom of Religion but the apologists present this as a simple Government vs Traitor case. They use translation of Siyar ul Mutakherin to present there case but this translation by Britishers is horribly wrong and even the original text by Ghulam Hussein is nothing but a lie. Lets see: 'Siyar ul Mutakherin' by Ghulam Hussein p401 - Persian to Punjabi by Prof Balwant is Dhillon - Punjabi to English by Admin: Eighth successor of Nanak whose name was Teg Bahadur, formed a loyal following & gained strength. Many thousands used to accompnay him to places. At that time, among the followers of Shiekh Ahmad Sirhindi, a Fakir who went by the name of Hafiz Aadam also formed a strong following.Both of these used to roam around the country of Punjab, harass people and extort them for money. Guru from Hindus & Hafiz from muslims. Mughal employees wrote to Alamgir (Aurangzeb) that so & so Fakirs, one is hindu and another muslim have been captured.It won't be a surprise if (with time) they got stronger & get out of control. After hearing this information, Emperor Alamgir wrote to officials to arrest them, send Hafiz Aadam out of his territory towards Attock - Peshawar, make sure he does not come back.And arrest Teg bahadur and imprison him. The (royal) Order was followed. After few days regarding Teg Bahadur a second order was received, which told to kill him (Guru), dismember his body and hung the pieces within some places in the city.The order was followed. But the followers of Teg Bahadur used to roam around like Fakirs. There was no practice of carrying weapons among them. Now the horrible translaton of an already dishonest text: First translated by Haji Mustafa (Raymond - Nota Manus) further used by John Briggs in 'The Siyar ul Mutakherin' p112: The ninth in succession from this Angad was one Tegh Bahadur, who drew multitudes after him, all of whom, as well as their leader, used to go armed. Finding himself at the head of so many thousand people, he aspired to sovereignty, and united him self to one Adam Hafiz, a Mussulman dervish of the fraternity of Shah Ahmed Serhindy.These two persons no sooner saw themselves at the head of many followers, than forsaking every honest occupation, they began to plunder and to lay waste the whole province of Penjab ; for whilst Tegh Bahadur levied contributions on the Hindus, Hafiz Adam did the same upon the Mussulmans.Their excesses having attracted the notice of the emperor Aurengzib, he commanded the viceroy of Penjab to seize these two leaders, with orders to send the Mussulman to Afghanistan, warning him not to cross the river Attock again under pain of death ; while he directed that Tegh Bahadur, the other freebooter, should be sent prisoner to the fort of Gualiar.The governor executed his orders promptly. Some time after this, Tegh Bahadur suffered death ;and his body being cut into four quarters, was exposed at the four gates of the fortress of Gualiar. This act was followed by serious consequences. Hitherto the Siks wore only the religious garb, without any kind of arms. From where did Haji Mustafa got the idea that Guru was sent to Gwalior. He contradicts himself by saying Sikhs carried the weapons and refuted himself later. There is a persian source which mentions that Guru was executed at Delhi: Khulasat-ut-Tawarikh - Sujan Rai p69 Then Tegh Bahadur, the younger son of Guru Hargobind, occupied the seat for fifteen years. In the end, he was imprisoned under Imperial officers, and in 1081 A. H. (1670- 71AD), corresponding to the 17th regnal year of Alamgir (1673-74AD), he was executed at Shahjahanabad (Delhi) in accordance with Alamgir's orders.At the time of writing this book, Guru Gobind Rai, the son of Guru Tegh Bahadur, has been in occupation of the sacred seat for twenty-two years. Now back to original. Ghulam Hussein said Sikhs have no practice of carrying weapons at the time of execution, which is wrong since Sikhs have been carrying weapons since the times of Guru Hargobind, father of Guru Tegh Bahadur. The guy Hafiz Aadam mentioned by Ghulam Hussein, actually was sent outside of Punjab by the orders of Shahjahan, the father of Alamgir not Almagir himself according to Persian sources themselves. *.)Punjab Past & Present vol 11 part 1 & 2 - Ganda Singh p202 1.)Kamal-ud-din Ahsan - Rauzat-ul-Qayumia p178 2.)Nazir Ahmad - Tazkirat-ul-Abidin p124-25 3.)Mirat-e-Jahan Nama p606 4.)Ghulam Nabi - Mirat-ul-Qwanin p417 5.)Mirza Muhammad Akhtari - Tazkirah-e-Hind-o-Pakistan p401 Another point the apologists raise is that there are no old Sikh sources which mention Guru sacrificing his life for Kashmiri Pandits / Hindus. This is simply not true. 1.)Bhatt Vahi Multani Sindhi - Bhatts were bards who also kept genealogical records, contemporay of the Gurus, 1675. Brother Kirpa Ram son of Aru Das, grandson of Narayan das, great-grandson of Brahm das, lineage Thakur das, gotra Majhal Brahmin, native of mattan, country kashmir, year 1732 (1675 c.e.), month Jeth date sudi ekadashi (15 may-14 jun possibly), alongside 16 Brahmins came to Chack Nanaki, Kehlur state, to meet Guru Teg Bahadur Mahalla 9 (nauva) and made a request.Guru gave them patience and said- 'Baba Nanak will protect you'. 2.)Bachittar Natak canto 5- Autobiography of Guru Gobind Singh - 1696 He protected the forehead mark (tilak) and sacred thread ( janaue of the Hindus), which marked a great event in this age of Kaljug (era of sin). For the sake of Saints, he laid down His head without even a sign of pain. For the sake of Dharma (righteousness), he sacrificed Himself.He laid down His head, remaining uncompromising in His principles. The performance of miracles and malpractices, is condemned by the Saints of the Lord. Breaking the potsherd of his body head of the king of Delhi (Aurangzeb), He left for the abode of the Lord. None could perform such a feat as that of Tegh Bahadur. The whole world bemoaned the departure of Tegh Bahadur. While the world Iamented, the gods hailed his victory. 3.)Sri Gur Sobha chapter 1- Poet Senapati / Sena Singh- 1711 Guru Teg Bahadur appeared, he covered the world with shield, he protected dharam & karam, his story is immortalized in Kalyug (darkage). The whole world sing his praises, dharam was saved, three world sings his praises, True Guru saved the honor. Tilak (forehead mark), janaue (sacred thread) & temples were made firm by the grace of Guru.For the sake of Dharm, he left for the abode of Lord, Guru Gobind Singh became the next Guru. Even if we believe all the sources of apologists, see how Aurangzeb left the muslim looter but not the Sikh. This itself confirms the execution due to religion. These Mughal apologists whether leftists or muslims, are nothing but blatant liers. These are the same people who defend a person who comitted horrible crimes like genocide of innocents, keeping sex slaves etc. If you want to know what kind of man Guru Teg Bahadur was, you can read his own writing which is Salok Mahalla 9.