sikhi for dummies

2.) What do sikhs believe?

Sikhs follow teachings of their Gurus. Gurus preached about one God which is formless no ideal or image, mostly referred as Vaheguru but God has countless names represented as 'ikonkar' or 'ੴ ', removing ego from within, equality among humans, defending needy if necessary and much more written in our holy book Shri Guru Granth Sahib. ੴ is an omnipresent force which created everything, not separated from it, is within but also covers everything. It is beyond birth, death, time and reality. Goal of a sikh is to get mukti or liberation from life and death as sikhs believe in rebirth like other indic faiths . Aside of these there are 3 pillars: 1.) Naam japo - chant the name of God/ Live in his Rememberence. 2.) Kirat Karo - Working hard and living honest life. 3.) Vand Chakho - Share your labour and donate. Another important aspect is seva or serving the community, 5 Virtues and 5 evils.