sikhi for dummies

7.) How to convert to Sikhi? / Why should someone be a Sikh?

Sikhi or indic faiths are way of life i.e. 'Dharm'. There is no conversion process but to be a sikh you must follow following rules: 1.) Believe in One God based on Mool Mantra. 2.) Follow teachings of Ten Gurus. 3.) Consider Guru Granth Sahib as eternal spritual guru. 4.) Believe in Khalsa and does not follow any other human, group, dharm or religion for spirituality. To be a khalsa you have to go through an initiation. Rules are very strict for a khalsa. Read 'sikh rehat maryada' for more information. People often ask 'Why should i be a Sikh?' more as an argument rather than genuine question. Such people are often looking to buy best product/religion in the market. Sikhi is beyond such petty arguments.It is not selling you gold but making you one, Guru is the Philosopher's Stone. You can read Japji, Salok Mahalla 9, etc. for a summary of Sikh philosophy.