sikhi for dummies

21.) Did Gurus copied other holy books?

No, message was similar but unique. No one has control over their birth. Other holy men are not superior to sikh Gurus just because they were born before them and talked about common sense. When sages found truth it was in sanskrit later written in vedas. When buddha found it his followers wrote it down in pali in Tripitaka when Gurus found they wrote in punjabi or other languages in Guru Granth Sahib. Prime example is Bhagat Ravidas who never read vedas, actually he was not allowed to. But all he did was naam simran & bhagti & got liberated. If you read his banis, they are similar to upnishads but considering he never read them proves we didn't copy vedas to reach God. So people who say 'we are following older dharm so we are better, we said sky is blue before you so you copied us' are delusionals. God is timeless, he remains the same no matter when a human was born and reached him.