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19.) Praises of hindu gods / Maru Mahalla 5.

Yes there are sections where hindu gods are 'praised' but these are just names / attributes of God. People quote Maru Mahalla 5 section where Gurus mentioned avatars so that they can label us as hindus. However next section is mentions Allah. So are we muslim now? No. As you know SGGS contains writings of non-sikhs however it also contains writings for non-sikhs by sikh Gurus because Gurbani was uttered amongst people with different beliefs and Gurus used the terminologies of their faith to show them the truth. One of such section is Maru Mahalla 5, it does not mean we are hindus. If Gurus can include writings of non sikhs, they can also write for non-sikhs. Name of hindu gods are also used to represent qualities: 1.) Shiv - yoga - meditation 2.) Vishnu - daya - mercy 3.) Brahma - gyan - wisdom 4.) Parvati or goddesses - mamta - affection 5.) Indra - aishwarya - prosperity