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44.) Critique of Idol Worship in Sikh Philosophy.

This thread aims to show why idol or Sargun worship is wrong from the viewpoint of Sikh Philosophy. Those who don't claim to be Sikh can do anything, but some Sikhs have a habit of worshiping idols. Even then, I couldn't care less, but they justify their actions using other philosophies or wrongly interpreted Gurbani. There are two main aspects of Idol Worship, The Idol & The Worshipper: 1.) Idol- a.) If we place two idols, one of Kansa and other of Shri Krishna, which one is a worshipper going to pick? The obvious choice is the second one although both made by same sculptor, from same clay etc. This means they are looking for a particular element. b.) For the sake of conversation, if we do Pran Pratishtha of both Kansa & Shri Krishna, which one is a worshipper going to pick? Again, second one. This means a Pran in itself means nothing & they are again looking for a certain element. c.) This element is the existence of a particular deity which should not be bounded by ignorance. However this Pran is considered a particle and not whole, it didn't exist in Idol before ceremony & vanishes if Idol is broken / Idol is discarded if broken. d.) God in Sikhi does not come & go. Stones, rocks, etc. are considered to be a lower form of life. On the other hand deities can't get & grant liberations, only humans can get & guide. e.) There is no upgrade phenomena in Sikhi where you can upgrade from Sargun to Nirakar, you have to start from 0. Sargun way is too dependent on rituals & is too limited. You worship limited you stay limited, you worship Infinite you merge with Infinite. f.) Few points they raise: i.) Sikhs bow to SGGS which is idol worship. ans.) Unlike idols, SGGS actually imparts knowledge. Bowing is a sign of respect we do not worship our holy book, we are not bowing to paper or ink but the shabad guru & give proper respect because it is representing and contains teachings of Gurus and devotees of God. It is cultural thing to bow down. ii.) If God is everywhere, anything can be worshipped. ans.) Yet they only worship idol & not some random object. iii.) We don't worship idol but Pran / Deity inside it. ans.) If someone bought an idol sculpted in the style of a Female Khajuraho Sculpture, will they perform the ceremony of Pran Pratishtha of Shri Krishna on it? No. They do worship the idol whether they know it or not. 2.) Worshipper- 'जाकी रही भावना जैसी, प्रभु मूरत देखी तिन तैसी ||' They say God loves them as they are & accepts any way to reach him but this is where prime problem lies. They are not loving God as he originally is i.e. Formless. They don't want to compromise. This is conditional love from their part. When they say 'My God looks like me & i will reach him in my way' they get stuck within I-ness. जहाँ 'में' होता है वहाँ मुक्ति नहीं होती.