sikhi for dummies

5.) Sikhs look different,why so & what is Khalsa?

Sikh look or Khalsa identity was given by 10th guru Guru Gobind Singh so that sikhs can represent their values & the look of guru himself. There are five symbols of a Khalsa -- 1)Unshorn uncut hair - signifies accepting will / seal of Guru. 2)A small comb for hair - signifies cleanliness for uncut hair. 3)A steel bracelet - Can be used for combat. 4)Kirpan - Sword, small dagger, 'kirpa' means mercy and 'aan' means honor. Used to protect yourself and needy but used only in extreme situations. 5)Kachera - Helps in better movement during combat. Originally 5Ks were gifts from Guru, we do not believe in ritualistic items. Every Khalsa is a sikh but not every sikh is a khalsa. It is similar to baptism. Turban is used to cover uncut hair and later became a part of identity. It is not compulsory to look like a sikh to be a sikh but people use it often as an excuse to follow their own mind or mix sikhi with other faiths.